Mold Inspections


Due to Florida’s high humidity and rainy, wet conditions that exists for many months during the year, mold growth is a very common problem in homes, condominiums, apartments and even commercial buildings. Water intrusion from leaky roofs, gutters, water heaters, indoor air conditioning units and even worn-out plumbing fixtures can all result in causing property damage as well as creating mold issues. Moisture causing mold behind walls, under floors or trapped in crawl spaces or attics, can create a variety of unexplained health issues including respiratory distress, nausea, headaches and even flu or cold like symptoms. Anyone with an immune deficiency, the elderly, pregnant women and even children, are highly susceptible to experiencing these types of health problems if mold is present in a home. If you are aware of dark or spotty mold like blotches on your walls or ceilings, a musty odor coming from certain parts of your home or are aware of any moisture or water damage occurring, you need the services of a qualified mold inspection service.

At Gray Home Inspections, we specialize in the detection of mold, household moisture and the evaluation of indoor air quality which can be negatively impacted by the presents of mold. Gray Home Inspections is not affiliated with any one mold remediation or restoration company. Though we have worked with many over the years, having one company that identifies mold and then remediates it, is in our minds a conflict of interest. We are an independent and certified home and commercial property inspection company that conducts mold inspections. We use state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and moisture meters to detect the presence of moisture that can promote mold and fungal growth. Detection and correction are the right protocols, but first a visual inspection of the entire property needs to be conducted, finding the problem and identifying the source. Our highly trained and experienced, Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®also collect air quality samples, humidity and temperature readings, respirable particle sampling and moisture assessment. We can make recommendations on expert mold remediation contractors to perform the removal and then recommend a re-inspection of the dwelling to ensure the mold and its causes have been eliminated. Though every situation of mold contamination is different, the process to determine if mold is present can only be determined but performing tests conducted by a qualified home inspection service. Not all molds are readily visible, and not all moisture or water contamination that is found to be present, has had time to generate mold and mildew. There are however indicators that mold is present in a home or commercial building such as moldy or mildewy smells, visible growths, wet or soft spots in walls, ceilings, floors, near windows, doors or fireplaces, and unexplained, persistent illnesses. Any recent water damage events also might cause mold, due to improper cleanup and water removal procedures.


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Our Mold Inspection Reports detail the following:

Complete Visual Inspection of the Entire Property
Identify Areas Where Excessive Moisture is Present
Identify Areas of Water Intrusion
Document Visual Mold Growth
Test Air Quality and Collect Samples
Detailed Report of Our Findings
Provide Insurance Carriers Documentation
Available for Litigation/Depositions
Provide Expert Testimony
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Why Choose Gray Home Inspections?

At Gray Inspections our environmental consultants are qualified to access any structure: residential, commercial, apartments, new construction, educational institutions, daycares, nursing homes, medical facilities and public buildings. We have conducted 1000’s of mold inspections in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities.