Residential Inspections


For anyone investing in a home purchase, one thing every honest professional in the real estate industry can agree upon, is having a home inspection completed by a certified home inspection company. Home buying can be a very scary proposition, and buying the wrong house in the wrong condition can be an overwhelming ordeal both financial and emotionally. Properly identifying the true condition of a house or condo is imperative in today’s home selling marketplace. Making the minimal investment of a home inspection is more than just giving the buyer peace of mind that the dwelling is in good condition, it also verifies that the asking price, based on the undisclosed and unevaluated condition of the property, warrants the actual investment. Unless a home inspection is completed, buyers have no way of knowing the condition of a house, its general construction and the actual condition of critical components. From the current state of the roof, to the attic or crawl space, the air conditioning, heating and electrical systems, to the plumbing, water heater, water quality and even sprinkler systems, there are many elements in a home that might need to be repaired or replaced and need to be evaluated. Gray Home Inspections, is an industry leader in providing residential and commercial inspections from the ground floor up. When a buyer is under contract for a dwelling, an inspection report put the seller on notice of problems found in the report and usually obligates the seller to make the necessary repairs, reduce the price of the property or give the buyer a way out of the contract. Many a home buyer was saved additional expenses due to inspection reports uncovering needed repairs that could have gone unnoticed or undisclosed at the time of the sale.

Why Choose Gray Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

At Gray Home Inspections, our buyer’s inspection consists of a thorough evaluation of the most visible and readily accessible components of a house or condominium. When qualifying suspected defects found in a home, we use advanced imaging technologies to determine the cause and extent of any issues present.  We have invested in many types of sophisticated equipment, including infrared thermography, aerial drone photography and instruments used to inspect inaccessible areas like moisture meters, to accurately pinpoint areas of energy loss or moisture intrusion. If you are looking for a home inspection service in Jacksonville Fl, we recommend you first exam potential company’s online customer reviews, to get an idea of their individual experiences. We also recommend you employ only a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®, one that has the proper training and experience to ensure you are getting a quality product. Many home inspection services provide reports that are incomplete and reveal only visible problems that anyone could identify. Additionally, most home inspection companies do not provide additional services like WDO (wood destroying organisms) termites and other related pests that could have infested a dwelling. If a WDO inspection is requested, these home inspectors have to out-source these services to a different company. At Gray Home Inspections we are completely different, offering all of these service under one roof including: WDO’s, Mold Inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4-Point Inspections, Commercial Property Inspections and Pre-listing and New Construction Inspections. We work tirelessly on behalf of the buyer to diligently identify any problems or areas of concern in a home, thereby protecting the buyer’s financial interest. Our inspection reports are an extremely detailed and comprehensive analysis, complete with pictures identifying areas of concern. Our number one goal is to make the buyer feel more secure in the decisions that they make throughout the buying process. Our state-of-the-art software is easy to use and understand, identifying specific issues that need to be addressed, repaired or replaced. We feel the cornerstones of our business is our commitment to service, professionalism, punctuality, real-time responsiveness, quality and value.


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Re-Inspection Services

At Gray Home Inspections whenever the seller agrees to repair or replace a component, based on our initial inspection, it is sometimes recommended that the buyer request a re-inspection to insure everything is completed as requested. We then are able to come back to the property to re-inspect the repairs and make sure nothing is left undone. We will always make sure that there are no additional repairs that need to be done and that everything is brought up to standard and code. Sometimes, initial inspections resulting in repairs were not completed or done correctly by untrained or un-licensed contractors. Even sellers are sometimes left holding the bag after paying for repairs that were not done properly, which resulted in them having to hire another contractor to complete the repairs. With a re-inspection, we take the guesswork out of knowing that the repairs are gone right and that the buyer and the seller can concentrate on closing the deal to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Our General Home Inspections include the following components:

Roofing System, Gutters and Awnings
Exterior (cladding, doors, windows)
All Structural Components
Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, Duct & Returns
Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, stairs)
Attic, Insulation & Ventilation
Electrical System, Wiring, Grounded Outlets
Plumbing System
Water Sprinkler Systems