Commercial Inspections


Looking to buy or lease a new building for your existing business? Interested in starting a business and need a brick and mortar structure to conduct business or house employees? Maybe you are expanding your present location into additional space that has recently become available. There is no shortage of commercial office, retail and warehouse space in North Florida and based on recent events these opportunities might just be expanding in many parts of the marketplace. No area of the county is immune to store and office closures or business location downsizing, so if your business needs include acquiring new space you will probably not have a problem finding it. Inventories in the commercial real estate market are abundant in the current and probably distant future. But many spaces have been unoccupied for some time and some need renovations to come up to codes and standards for occupancy. If you are looking for or have decided to make an investment into a commercial building you need the services of a commercial inspection company that stands above the rest. Gray Home Inspections provides many more building inspection services than the name implies. We also specialize in commercial property inspections for small to medium-size buildings, office complexes, warehouses, multi-family units and retail stores. Whether you are an investor, commercial property developer or a prospective business owner that understands ownership provides stability in the marketplace, we can assist you in making the most educated decision about the condition of potential locations. Evaluating the general condition of the structure, its readily accessible areas, and mechanical systems ensures your investment is protected. We know that no building, sometimes even newly renovated ones, are in perfect condition. A professionally completed baseline commercial property inspection does more than just identify areas of concern, it can improve your negotiating position and qualify the asking price. Having a complete assessment of the building can prepare you for future capital investments, thereby reducing your future financial exposure.


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Full Baseline Commercial Property Inspections include:

General Site Characteristics
Parking, Paving, Landscape, and Lighting
Building Envelop and Structural Frame
Roof Surface Areas
Electrical & Mechanical Systems
Plumbing & Sprinkler Systems
HVAC- Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
Ventilation & Duct Systems
Stairwells, Entrances & Exits
Fire Protection Systems
All Wall & Interior Elements
Review of Estimates & Probable Costs
Professional Recommendations
Limited Document Review

Why Choose Gray Inspects?

An educated and informed buyer is a much more efficient investor and deciding on the right property, it’s location and condition, is usually paramount to a business’s success. Not only do buyers have to prepare for ongoing general maintenance, but anticipate the life of mechanical components that will need future upgrading and or replacement. Large or complex commercial structures such as office buildings, apartment complexes, strip malls, restaurants, medical offices, churches, vacant box stores or even warehouse facilities can have multi-faceted problems. Over the years we have build relationships with many architects, building engineers, control system specialist, general commercial contractors and even utility providers to assist in offering consultations and estimates. As a business owner having competent and competitive assistance on matters relating to a potential structure is invaluable. Looking to invest, expand or add additional space to your inventory, Gray Inspections can accurately and efficiently provide you with the tools to determine the current state of your considered commercial property. We even provide landlords, current tenants, and property managers pre- and post-lease commercial inspections. Pre-listing inspections can also be a tool used to expedite commercial property transactions. Nothing inspected, nothing gained as the saying goes, can be the difference between making the right decision and the wrong one.

Our comprehensive inspection reports are an extremely detailed, and thorough analysis identifying all areas of concern. Our collective goal is to assist the investor in the decisions that they make throughout the buying process. Gray inspection’s, state-of-the-art software is easy to use and understand, identifying specific issues that need to be corrected, repaired or replaced. All suspected defects are analyzed using advanced imaging technologies that determine the cause and extent of an issue. We also include infrared thermography, aerial drone photography and even moisture meters to assist in our thorough assessment. These types of instruments help us inspect inaccessible areas of a structure, accurately pinpointing areas of concern like moisture intrusion or energy loss.

We work tirelessly on behalf of buyers and investors to protect their financial interests. At Gray Inspections, the cornerstones of our business model is our continued commitment to service, punctuality, professionalism, delivering quality and value to our customers. Our inspectors have the licensing and training to be Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)® with years of experience. Give us a call at 904-500-4729 to schedule your commercial property inspection.

Our great team of qualified and friendly inspectors will walk you through your report, explaining all of the details related to your completed commercial property inspection that will address:

Roofing System
Foundation/Exterior Walls
Windows & Doors
HVAC- Heating & Cooling System
Electrical System & Codes
Plumbing & Sprinkler Systems
Driveways & Parking Areas