Wind Mitigation


One of the most damaging properties of a storm; hurricane, thunderhead or even from tropical tornados is damage caused by wind. Even though most coastal properties experience extensive storm damage caused by surging water, wind damage still remains a major destructive force.  Florida home and commercial property insurance costs have gone up exponentially over the past year due to significant increases in insurance claims involving wind damage to structures. At Gray Home Inspections we understand that home and commercial property owners are looking for ways to reduce insurance premiums by any means possible and that usually includes a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A residential or commercial residential wind mitigation inspection, sometimes referred to as a windstorm mitigation inspection, is an inspection that checks your home or condominium building’s wind-resistant features. There are numerous features that can be considered, such as window and door coverings, how your roof is sealed to prevent water damage, and the way your roof is actually attached to your home or building. For many underwriters, commercial building wind mitigation inspections are mandatory to purchase any windstorm coverage. Though a certified wind mitigation inspection is not required to get Florida homeowners insurance coverage, it can result in substantial savings on premiums paid.


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Our Certified Wind Mitigation Inspections consist of the following 8 key categories:

Identifying when the roof was permitted and installed and does it meet current building codes.

Is the roof gabled, hip, flat or some other design? Here our inspectors are looking for how the roof is shaped. A hip roof for example resembles a pyramid, and definitely qualifies for an insurance discount.

If the roof is a gable style, then the inspector will review if the actual gable ends are braced to the Florida Building Code standards. All gable ends that measure more than 48 inches tall, should be braced for reinforcement to qualify for an insurance discount.

Our inspectors will determine what type of roof decking was used in the construction and how it is attached to the underlying structure. I the attachment is completed by nailing or staples.  If nails are employed, the nail length and spacing between each nail will be documented.

The way a roof attaches to the structure is of major concern. Is the actual roof attached to the trusses with nails or hurricane clips? Are the wraps used single or double? The more secure a roof is attached to the structure, the greater the savings.

Our inspectors will review the construction materials used for framing, for reinforcement, and outer fascia used, and at what percentages. Steel reinforced, concrete block homes or condominiums may yield a better insurance discount than a building constructed with a plywood-only frame and plastic siding.

Roofs installed or upgraded before 2008, are unlikely to have this sort of secondary water barrier. Photo documentation is required will be required to receive a discount in this area.

Our inspectors are looking for wind shutters and installed-protection devices from wind-born debris generated by high winds. These items are also rated, as in hurricane-ratings. Are 100% of all openings need to be covered with Hurricane Rated Protection to qualify for this insurance discount.

How Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save You Money on Homeowners Insurance?

A wind mitigation inspection is the only inspection that can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. Wind mitigation savings are very substantial in Florida because the state actually requires insurance companies to offer these discounts. The inspection verifies the construction details of a structure that can withstand wind damage. The better constructed a dwelling, the more offered insurance discounts a homeowner may qualify for. Once the inspection is completed and submitted to your insurance provider, it can result in discounts to help save you significant monies owed. Many homes and commercial residential properties have one or more construction features that would qualify the structure for windstorm insurance premium discounts. Certain construction features can drastically reduce the damage tropical force winds can cause. The stronger a dwelling is constructed, the less damage incurred and the lower the premiums may be. Wind mitigation inspections are therefore used to determine if the structure contains these features that can reduce severe damage caused by storms producing high winds. By verifying that the construction details are present, the report is used to qualify for insurance discounts. Florida insurance premium discounts, for certain favorable wind mitigation features, have been mandated by State law and produce significant savings of up to 45% off the original policy's premium.

What to Expect from a Gray Wind Mitigation Inspection?

At Gray Home Inspections, our wind mitigation inspections are completed by a certified inspector. We arrive promptly at the appointed time and investigate the key construction components of your home which will sustain less damaged or harm caused by strong wind storms or even hurricanes. The time needed to complete our inspections is usually about an hour, but that can also depend on the size of the property.  After completing the inspection, the homeowner receives a certificate stating that the home is efficiently equipped to survive a windstorm event due to the construction characteristics present. Residential buildings and commercial residential dwellings are classified according to their degree of wind vulnerability. That classification recognizes the fact that buildings that are equipped to withstand high wind will result in less damage occurring. The results of our inspections, will be reimbursed within a month of premiums paid. The average cost for the inspection is $100.00.  Our clients tell us that their rates have dramatically dropped due to our wind mitigation inspection.  Our inspectors focus only on those characteristics in the home and on the property, which qualify for windstorm discounts as outlined by each individual’s insurance carrier. Nothing else shall be reported to the insurance company. Right now, is the best time to schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection and start enjoying the insurance premiums discounts available to every Floridian homeowner whose house qualifies.