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Anyone who has lived in the State of Florida for any length of time knows that for many parts of the calendar year, most of Florida experiences plenty of rain and moisture, a climate usually not associated with what we are so affectionately referred to as “The Sunshine State”. If you are purchasing a residential home, condominium or commercial property, chances are your mortgage company, guarantor (FHA, VA, HUD, etc.) or bank will require you to obtain a wood-destroying organism or WDO inspection. Commonly called a termite inspection, the WDO inspection looks for evidence that an active or inactive infestation has taken place in a structure. Termites, both subterranean and dry wood, wood decaying fungus, old house borers, power post beetles and carpenter ants can cause extreme wood decay and damage requiring treatment, and in many cases costly repairs. At Gray Home Inspections we are certified to conduct WDO inspections, protecting the buyer’s financial interest.  By conducting a thorough examination of a property, a WDO Inspection should consist of an exterior and interior review of both the condition of and conditions right for, wood-destroying organisms to exist. Signs of active and even inactive termites can reveal damage occurring to wood framing, roofs, siding, even floors, walls and ceilings. Excessive moisture or standing water, poor or improper grading and drainage, dead tree stumps, leaking gutters, downspouts and even tree branch overhangs, all can contribute to these damaging organisms invading even the best of homes. Garages, crawl space, window and door frames and many other structural areas are somewhat prone to WDO infestation. A visual and physical inspection involves probing, sounding, tapping and moisture readings and the identification of other evidence like live and dead termite activity, exterior swarming, visual evidence of termite shelter tubing, damaged wood or apparent previous treatment repairs. Many times, an active, in place termite bond is sufficient evidence that no termite infestation is occurring and lenders might not require a WDO Inspection. Unfortunately, this would not reveal any previous damage caused by WDO’s or reveal the extent of and the repairs made to,  existing structures. Cash purchases are also immune from WDO Inspection requirements, but these types of organisms cause hundreds of millions of dollars damage to homes in this country every year, so the prudent investor should insist on a thorough inspection performed by a qualified WDO inspector to protect their interest. This type of inspection is probably the most important home or property inspection that can and should be performed in the home-buying process.

Why Choose us when you need a WDO inspection in Jacksonville, FL

As one of the most important participants in any real estate transaction, Gray Home Inspectors take their responsibility very seriously, striving to ensure your purchase is based on the true condition of a home or commercial property. The detailed, written WDO Inspection report gives an unbiased investigation of active or inactive infestation, highlighting all pertinent issues, and may include additional documents to clarify the inspection findings. If evidence of past or present WDO infestation, conditions conducive to or there is damage found, our inspectors will usually attach remediation recommendations. We understand that to make the right decision about the purchase of a property rests on many considerations and with our certifications, licensing, training and experience, we are here to provide expert inspections that will help determine the true condition of and the value as well of the property under consideration.

Before you close on your next property, get an independent WDO Inspection from one of Florida’s most successful and respected home and commercial property inspection services companies. At Gray Home Inspections we are very proud of the invaluable service we provide our clients and to schedule a WDO Inspection please call us at 904-500-4729. We offer residential and commercial inspections at affordable rates.

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