If you are considering selling your home, through a qualified listing agent or even for sale by owner, your top consideration is probably getting the highest price paid, with the least amount of problems incurred and sold in the shortest period of time. Selling a home in the State of Florida can be a very easy proposition or a difficult one depending on a number of factors including the asking price based on relative recent home sales in your area, appraisal value of the property and of course the condition of the home. An experienced real estate agent can easily advise you on the first two issues; asking price and anticipated appraised value, but unless there is noticeable damage to the structure, there is no way of knowing the third and usually most important factor in almost all home sales, the condition of the home. When someone is considering making that kind of sizeable investment in a property, residential or commercial, the buyer usually believes the asking price is based on the home being in excellent condition unless otherwise disclosed. Nothing can be more unsettling to a buyer than for an offer to be made and then an inspection completed, only to find out that there are additional costs involved in bringing the home up to excellent condition. Many a deal has fallen through because of inspections disclosing previously unknown or undisclosed problems. Almost every real estate sales contract includes an inspection provision that the contract is contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory home inspection. If the property fails the inspection or additional factors of the homes condition are brought to bear, the buyer will then have the right to either cancel the contract, have the seller pay for the repairs and/or upgrades that need to be performed or lower the sales price. These types of avoidable issues usually complicate the deal and often times delay a closing or even discourage a potential buyer from completing the deal. As deals fall through, the owner is then forced to put the home back on the market and unless the appropriate repairs or upgrades are made, the whole process will start all over again.

All of this can be avoided by the seller wanting to find out about any hidden problems before the house goes on the market. Having a completely clear picture of the condition of the home not only thwarts off problems, but make it possible for the seller and agent to agree on the correct asking price. Buyers are going to insist on a professional home inspection performed by an inspector they will hire anyway. If the buyer’s inspector finds problems with the homes condition, it might cause the buyer to get cold feet and the deal oftentimes fall through. Even at best, poor inspection results cost time, money and usually a lower than expected selling price. This is where Gray Home Inspections comes in, identifying all of the features of a home that are in satisfactory condition, utilities that are up to certain codes and repairs if any that are needed to be completed. For home owners this means being able to complete the repairs or upgrades on their own timeframes, negotiate the price with a contractor or get separate bids to complete the work. Maybe it was premature to put a home on the market to begin with before identifying what repairs need to be made. Maybe having the ability to disclose what needs to be done and setting an asking price based on the inspection report, allows the seller to sell with confidence and not have to incur the costs of repairs upfront. For these reasons it is usually better to pay for your own home inspection before putting your house on the market. Having a pre-listing inspection done by an expert home inspector will make the whole sales process easier. Finding out about any potential hidden problems and getting them corrected in advance can be reflected in the purchase price. Otherwise, you can count on the buyer’s home inspection service finding any problems that exist, and usually at the worst possible time, causing delays, and costing you more money. At Gray Home Inspections, we always recommend to the sellers and their listing agents, that they perform a complete home inspection and make the report available to any potential buyers. That way the buyer is not incurring the expense of hiring their own home inspector and knows exactly what they are purchasing and why the asking price has been set as it is. This can even allow the homeowner to offer a limited-home warranty on the property, a very attractive selling feature.


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Some of the most common issues we find in Pre-Listing Home Inspections that would otherwise not be readily identified.

One of the most common issues we detect is with the roofing materials installation. This does not mean a new roof is required but usually some maintenance or minor repairs are needs. Oftentimes we find interior water marks caused by a leak that could have been prevented. We inspect every kind of roof, metal, architectural, flat, tile, shingled and Spanish tile. Depending on the age and condition of the roof homeowners might need to consider replacing the roof which can be another selling point.

A very common occurrence in Florida because of the wet conditions damaging roof eaves and exterior trim especially in older homes.

Many older homes in North Florida have wood-burning fireplaces and these oftentimes are in need of cleaning, repairs or even re-openings. If you haven’t used your fireplace in years many issues could be present.

Most common forms of electrical issues are found in older homes, but sometimes in newer homes as well. From ungrounded outlets, cloth-covered wiring, and electrical panels not up to current standard building practices or wiring completed by homeowners or non-licensed electrical contractors. New home buyers have to be especially careful that the electrical systems are compliant so that they can get homeowners insurance underwriting on the property.  

It is very surprising the amount of homes that have poorly installed and inefficiently performing HVAC systems. Leaking ductwork, poor or no maintenance performed regularly and overtaxed units, undersized for the space needed and creating higher than normal electric bills.

At Gray Inspections we often times find water heaters not installed up to current standard building practices. Many are potential hazards of leaking with compromised tanks and worn elements. Hot water issues are also very common.

Some of the most common issues involve dripping faucets, leaking bathroom fixtures, slow drains and kitchen disposals. These issues on their own do not constitute a real and dangerous problem but could be used by the buyer to negotiate a cheaper price. Even in new homes it is common to identify minor plumbing defects.

Most homeowners know the condition of their appliances but not always. Sometimes an inspection can reveal an improper seal or undiscovered drainage clog or leak.

At Gray Home Inspections we have even uncovered active termites while under a termite bond and not revealed.  

Many times, a slow slab leak or poor drainage can cause foundation issues that are not easily recognizable and can be costly to repair.

Water quality testing, lead-based paints, asbestos usage in installation and roofing materials, existence of mold and even radon gas have all been uncovered in pre-inspections. Many of these hazardous issues might be covered in existing homeowner policies. These types of issues are best uncovered by the seller, then the buyer, for once they have been eliminated no longer pose a threat or reason to disclose.

Why Choose Gray Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL?

We understand that the most important factor when selling a home is for the seller to stay in control of the selling and negotiating process. What better way of achieving those ends then by knowing the condition of the property and taking the necessary steps to rectify any issues, taking them out of the negotiation equation. That is why we recommend that a pre-listing inspection is an integral part of a successful real estate sales venture. Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection performed by one of Jacksonville’s highest rated home inspection service companies is a prudent way to avoid complications in an already stressful and challenging real estate market. At Gray Home Inspections we take our responsibility very seriously and perform all phases of a home inspection service using every modern technique available. That inspection begins with all visible and accessible areas of the home. All suspected defects are further analyzed using the most advanced imaging technologies available that will determine the cause and extent of an issue found. We also include infrared thermography, aerial drone photography and moisture meters to assist in our assessment. These types of instruments help us inspect inaccessible areas of the home and accurately pinpoint areas of additional concerns like energy loss or moisture intrusion.

All of our inspectors are Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)® with years of experience. Our feeling is that if you want to get top dollar for your home, make sure you know the condition of it before setting the price. We are licensed, certified and highly trained inspectors, committed to helping sellers make the very best decisions when it comes to their homes. Give us a call at 904-500-4729 to schedule your pre-listing home inspection. Our great team of highly qualified and friendly inspectors will walk you through our reports and explain all of the details related to your completed inspection.