How Long Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection Good For

Before going into buying a home make sure that a wind mitigation inspection is done on the home. This can be done at the same time as the actual 4-point home inspection. As a homeowner, you will also want to consider one to make sure you are enhancing your home’s structures. Knowing when to replace windows, brace your garage door, or even fix various roof parts is key. This could save your home from major damage during a hurricane or violent wind storm. How long is a wind mitigation inspection good for? It is valid for 5 years. If repairs are conducted a new inspection is needed.

Let’s take a look below at what’s involved and why we should get a wind mitigation inspection.

A home inspector conducting a wind mitigation inspection.
A home inspector conducting a wind mitigation inspection.

What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind mitigation inspections evaluate seven main areas of your home’s roof. This is done to determine if your roof has the ability to withstand strong winds and water intrusion. Let’s take a look at those eight key areas:

  • Roof Age– building codes can change each year, so the year the roof was built can show the home inspector how strict the codes were. For this question, the report is asking if the roof was installed on/after March 1st, 2002.
  • Building Age – If the home was built on/after March 1st, 2002 to meet newer building codes.
  • Roof Deck Attachment – what material was used to support the nailing of your deck sheathing to your trusses. In addition, the type of nail and how far apart were they used is inspected.
  • Roof to wall attachment – what method was used by the contractor to attach the trusses to the exterior walls of the home.
  • Roof Design or Geometry – the inspector will look at the roof geometry, which are the shape and slope of the roof.
  • Secondary Water Barrier – the inspector will look at the underlayment of the roof shingles, metal, or tile. There is typically a type of moisture barrier installed between the outer roof layer and the roof decking.
  • Other opening protections – your inspector will determine if extra protections on sunroofs, garage doors, windows, or other areas have been added.

In the case of your roof, the newer it is the stronger it is. New building codes ensure that the roofing contractor is using the best materials to support the new roof project. The newer the materials and better constructed the roof, the more likely it withstands major wind damage.

Who Can Conduct One

Believe it or not, a variety of professionals could conduct a wind mitigation inspection. Your licensed general contractor, building contractor, architect, engineer, building inspector, or home inspector are all capable of conducting one. Typically, you will reach out to your local home inspection team to see if they offer wind mitigation inspections.

In Florida, most home inspection companies will offer to conduct a wind mitigation inspection as part of their many services. They can be done at the same time as a 4-point inspection, and buyer inspection is done. When they have finished they will provide you with a wind mitigation report to review.

Sample homeowners insurance policy.
Sample homeowners insurance policy.

Why Do I Need One

The biggest reason why you should get a wind mitigation inspection is to save money on home insurance.

Your home insurance company might provide you with some discounts or wind mitigation credits on your homeowner’s insurance based on items on your wind mitigation inspection. Also keep in mind that getting one done, can tell you when it’s time to replace the roof or parts of the roof. It is always good to be prepared.

How Much Do They Cost

Wind mitigation inspections generally last about 30 minutes. The national average for these inspections ranges from $100 to $200 depending on the location and size of your home. Give us a call or text to book your wind mitigation inspection today.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Get an understanding of what other inspections are offered by your local home inspection team. In many cases, they will give you a discount towards multiple inspections. Wind mitigation inspections can be conducted at the same time as a 4-point home inspection. Also, if you aren’t sure what a 4-point home inspection is and how to pass it, do your research. They are great options to work towards homeowners insurance savings.

Understanding terminology as a home buyer is also very important. Considering that you are paying for various services like a home inspection and an appraisal, you might want to know what the difference is. Be sure to take some time to read up on these two terms. They have very different meanings when it comes to home buying.

A damaged roof was covered before a threatening storm.
A damaged roof was covered before a threatening storm.

When Do I Call A Professional

In this case, you will call on your local home inspection team. Additionally, double-check that they offer wind mitigation inspections as part of their service. This is not a project that you can do on your own. As stated above, only a handful of certified professionals are available to validate your home’s ability to withstand strong winds and water damage due to storms.


If you are buying a new or older home you should definitely ask a lot of questions, conduct your home inspections, and keep tabs on the building contractors. Building or buying a home is a huge investment and knowing where you can save money is important.

Call your local insurance companies to determine who offers the best discount for wind mitigation inspections. In addition, call on your local home inspection team to complete a wind mitigation inspection. Call on Gray Home Inspections for a wind mitigation inspection in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.