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Jacksonville & St. Augustine Home Inspections

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At Gray Home Inspections we understand the critical role that a certified home or commercial property inspection plays in the real estate marketplace. We believe most homeowners have good intentions when it comes to revealing the current condition of their property, the clearly visible issues, but unknown problems will complicate most negotiation and ultimately sales. Potential buyers have no clear idea as to the structural and mechanical condition of a property. This is where Gray Inspection becomes an integral player in assessing the true condition of a home or commercial property. 

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Home Buyer Inspection

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Home Seller Inspection

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New Construction

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Termite / WDO Inspection

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Commercial Inspection

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Mold Inspection

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Pool & Spa Inspection

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Drone Inspection

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Air Quality Inspection

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Sewer Scope Inspection

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Gray Home Inspections Inc.

At Gray Home Inspections, we have the licensing, training, experience and expertise to handle any home, condominium or small to mid-size commercial building inspection. We know what is riding on the line for anyone who is interested in a property to buy, sell or invest. Our purpose-driven mission is to provide useful information which offers all parties, a clear understanding of the current and possible future state of components. Making the right decision about buying a home depends on many factors but most importantly the condition of the home, its mechanical systems, structure and general overall condition. Identifying any damage or other problems that might be present, will help determine not only the true condition of a home, but its value as well. Before you close on your next property acquisition, get an independent property inspection from one of Florida’s most successful and respected home and commercial property inspection services. We are proud of the valuable service we provide to our customers and to the Florida real estate market.

WHAT WE CHECK With Our Inspections

At Gray Homes Inspections Inc we understand we are one of the most important participants in a home transaction, and we take our responsibility very seriously striving to ensure your sale or purchase is based on the facts only a certified inspection can provide. The inspection reports we generate gives an unbiased and quite detailed investigation, highlighting all pertinent issues, and represents the true state of the home or commercial property. Below are the items we inspect.

Roof / Attic






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We walk your roof and attic spaces.

Crawl Spaces


We inspect interior and exterior doors.

We inspect all windows.

We inspect all electrical

We inspect all appliances

We inspect all plumbing




Crawl Spaces



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